Visual Recognition Tests for Children

CFMT - Kids*

Kirsten Dalrymple made the CFMT-Kids and used it in all her papers investigating developmental prosopagnosia in kids (e.g. Dalrymple et al., 2014; Dalrymple et al., 2017).

Dalrymple, K., Garrido, L., & Duchaine, B. (2014). Dissociation between face perception and face memory in adults, but not children, with developmental prosopagnosia. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 10: 10-20. PDF

Dalrymple, K.A., Elison, J.T., & Duchaine, B. (2017). Face-selective and domain-general visual processing deficits in children with developmental prosopagnosia. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 70: 259-275. PDF

Dartmouth Face Perception Test*

Like all these tests for kids, Kirsten created it and used it to assess facial identity perception in her papers on DP in children.

Other tests for kids:

Films Test for Kids (Expression), Gender Discrimination for Kids, Two Face Detection Tests, CBMT for kids (Bikes), Bike Detection, and others.